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NEWS: State Budget Passes, Humphrey & Perry Secure Funding for Local Projects

RALEIGH, N.C. — On Thursday, the North Carolina General Assembly ratified the 2023 State Budget (HB 259), which passed 70-40 in the House and 29-19 in the Senate.

This spending plan cuts taxes by $1.2 billion for North Carolina families and businesses over the next two years and accelerates the scheduled personal income tax cuts, dropping the rate to 4.5% in 2024 and down to 2.49% if certain revenue triggers are met.

Appropriations include a 7% pay raise for most state employees, including teachers, across the biennium. It also includes a 4% non-recurring payment from the general fund to supplement what retirees receive from the retirement system.

State Representative Chris Humphrey (R-Lenoir, Greene, Jones) and state Senator Jim Perry (R-Lenoir) announced several local initiatives that are set to receive funding in this latest round of state appropriations.

“We’ve delivered North Carolinians with a fiscally conservative state budget that makes sound investments into education, economic development, and infrastructure,” said Humphrey, “Eastern North Carolina is going to be set up for success on several fronts as we continue our effective policies of low taxes, responsible spending, and reasonable regulations.”

“Over the last several months, we have been working hard to pass this responsible budget that prioritizes limited government intervention, efficient resource allocation, and sustainable economic growth,” said Perry “We've dedicated substantial resources to support our rural communities, everything from the development of water & sewer systems – to significant funding for education. Under our budget, working families will receive substantial tax relief, and our diligent state employees have secured well-deserved pay raises. This budget puts education, parental choice, healthcare, businesses, and public safety ahead of bureaucracy – and I am proud to support these critical investments.”

Senator Perry and Representative Humphrey advocated for and received funding in the state budget for the following local projects:

· Lenoir County:

o $2,675,000 to Lenoir County for ambulances and facility repairs (F 71, 418)

o $5,000,000 to Lenoir Community College for auto technology and training (H 13, 138)

o $10,000 for the LaGrange Arts Council (F 71, 411)

o $100,000 in a directed grant to Mary’s Kitchen in Kinston (F 73, 442)

o $6,395,000 to the City of Kinston for the Adkin Branch Mitigation Project (E 43, 102)

o $250,000 to the City of Kinston for Fire/Rescue/Police support (F 52, 190)

o $2,000,000 to the City of Kinston for veterans home operations (F 207, 1103)

o $350,000,000 to the Global TransPark for an aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul facility (H 5, 49)

o $30,000,000 to the Global TransPark for a flight training and corporate office facility (F 59, 269)

Along with Senator Brent Jackson (R-Jones) and Senator Buck Newton (R-Greene) – Representative Chris Humphrey advocated for and receiving funding in the state budget for the following local projects:

· Jones County:

o $100,000 to Jones County for a flood study (E 46, 141)

o $1,500,000 for the Jones County Wellness/Fitness Center (F 70, 403)

o $6,000,000 to the Town of Maysville for capital improvements (F 102, 787)

o $500,000 to the Town of Pollocksville for infrastructure repairs (E 46, 134)

o $10,700,000 for Jones County water treatment and valve additions (p. 366, 91)

o $300,000 to the Town of Pollocksville for a mobile medical unit (F 104, 811)

· Greene County:

o $500,000 to Greene County for a new courtroom (F 64, 336)

o $150,000 to Greene County for an economic development study (F 64, 337)

o $50,000 for the Greene County Pregnancy Center (F 64, 338)

o $4,222,500 to the Town of Snow Hill for water & wastewater infrastructure projects (p. 369, Section 12.2(e)(169))

o $250,000 to the Town of Hookerton for water & wastewater infrastructure projects (p. 366, Section 12.2(e)(88))

o $450,000 to the Town of Hookerton for USDA Loan (p. 371, Section 12.2(f)(8))


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